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2017, APRIL 10TH
Posted 17/04/2017 | Read 221 times

Yvan Plontueux and his son left Mindelo with the Dimeu and Steve Webb (skipper), Sammir Yongo (liner) and Ja (sailor):

1st day, 10/04: North of São Vicente, in the direction of São Nicolau, 1 contact, a spearfish caught

2nd day: at the bench of São Nicolau, 2 contacts, 2 marlin caught (1 500lbs)

3rd day São Nicolau, 2 contacts, 1 marlin caught (750lbs)

4th day return São Vicente, 3 contacts, 1 caught at the lighthouse of Baril west of Tarrafal and another at the islet of Raso (first fish and first marlin caught by the son)

Customers feel happy!

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2017, APRIL 7TH
Posted 17/04/2017 | Read 221 times

On board of the Nha Cretcheu with Stuart Simpson, Ryan Williamson and Fabio, we welcome the McGee team

1st day 07/04/2017: North São Vicente 4 blue marlins seen, 1 caught (400lbs)

2nd day: Direction São Nicolau, nothing

3rd day: 6 contacts nearTarrafal, 1 caught (250lbs)

4th day: 3 contacts, 2 marlins caught, 320lbs and 350 lbs

5th day: 2 marlins fished, 600 lbs and 400 lbs

6th day: 1 marlin caught 450 lbs and 1 unhooked, about 700 lbs

7th day: back to São Vicente, nothing.

Satisfied customers, they will come back next year.

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2017, APRIL 3RD
Posted 08/04/2017 | Read 399 times

On board of the Nha Cretcheu with Stuart Simpson in charge, Ryan Williamson as Liner and Fabio as sailor, Jean Francois Brisson is with us for 5 days of fishing:

1st day (April 3rd): direction São Nicolau, nothing

2nd day: 6 contacts, including one 500 lbs (not taken) / 2 marlins caught 250lbs and 300lbs

3rd day: 4 contacts, 1 marlin caught and tagged 250 lbs

4th day: 3 contacts, 2 marlins caught and tagged 200lbs and 600lbs

5th day: 1 marlin caught and tagged in São Nicolau 200lbs + 1 contact. Then in north of São Vicente, 1 contact 400lbs, twice at the Teaser.

Customer content

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2017, APRIL 2ND
Posted 08/04/2017 | Read 399 times

On board of Dimeu, with Steve Webb as skipper, Sammy Yongo as Liner and JA as sailor, we welcome Benoît Chenu and Patrice Cadenet.

1st day (2 April): 2 contacts 200 lbs, 1 off the pitch twice

2nd day: 3 contacts, 1 pitch socket 250lbs

3rd day: 6 contacts, 5 hooked to the lures / 1 marlin 300 lbs twice to the pitch, dropped

4th day 2 contacts, 2 marlins caught in pitch 250lbs, Patrice fished his one in stand-up.

5th day 2 contacts, 1 off-hook at pitch 250lbs

The customers left Cape Verde satisfied.

2016, JUNE 9TH
Posted 18/06/2016 | Read 15628 times

The Chenu brothers, Guillaume and Benoit aboard Pacemaker, with Jackson Safari as skipper from 9 to 12 June

June 9: Sao Pedro, 3 contacts, 2 wahoo caught

June 10: north of Sao Vicente, 3 views, 2 marlins caught

June 11: north of Sao Vicente, 1 marlin caught, too much wind, back to Sao Pedro, 1 marlin caught

June 12: 1 contact, a big fish, gone after two minutes

Fishing was OK, the customers are happy, they caught their first marlins

2016, JUNE 6TH
Posted 18/06/2016 | Read 15625 times

Mr. Cuvelier and Mr. Fonroques from June 6 to June 10 on our Bertram, Stuart Simpson was the skipper.

June 6: north of Sao Vicente, 6 marlins seen, 3 caught (200, 80 & 150 kgs)

June 7: 4 views, 1 marlin lost after 18 minutes of fighting

June 8: with Steeve Webb as skipper, at Sao Pedro, 4 views, 1 marlin caught (180 kgs)

June 9: 4 views, 1 double, 1 marlin lost and 1 marlin caught (200 kgs)

June 10: 6 views, 1 marlin caught

Total 7 blue marlins caught, the customers are happy.

2016, JUNE 3RD
Posted 10/06/2016 | Read 16212 times

The Roger Sutherland's team on "Nha Cretcheu" with Stuart Simpson as skipper from May 29 to June 3

May 29: we go straight to São Nicolau, 2 marlins seen, 2 caught

May 30: 5 fish seen, 4 marlins caught 

May 31: 1 marlin caught

June 1: 4 marlins seen, 2 caught

June 2: 3 seen, 2 caught

June 3: Back to São Vicente, 1 contact in Santa Luzia

Total: with 11 marlins caught and a good action, the customers are delighted

2016, MAY 27TH (2)
Posted 30/05/2016 | Read 16823 times

Schwarz family (father, son and daughter) on the Pacemaker 40', with Tara Thompson as skipper, Fabio and Ja as liner, from 23 May to 27.

First day: in São Pedro, 3 fishes seen, 1 marlin caught

Second day: 3 fishes seen, 1 marlin caught (450 lbs)

Third day: 2 fishes seen, 2 fish from the pitch (400 lbs and 320 lbs)

Fourth day: 1 fish seen, not caught marlin

Fifth day: 3 marlins seen 1 marlin caught

Total: 5 blue marlin caught, 11 seen, customers went away happy.

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