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» 2017, JUNE 11TH

The Du Plessis team aboard the Bertram 33ft with Stuart Simpson as skipper and Ryan Williamson as liner.

1st day: June 11, North ... [plus]

» 2017, JUNE 8TH

The team Scheufele (TO Ralf Andree) aboard the Pace 40ft with Steeve Webb as skipper.

1st day: 8th of June in Sao Pedro, 3 marlin... [plus]

» 2017, JUNE 4TH

Jerry Cobb as customer on the Dimeu, accompanied by Patrick Haussy

1st day: June 04th 1 marlin seen, no caught

2nd day: 3... [plus]

» 2017, MAY 29TH

Aboard the Dimeu, with customer Burn Schilling and his 2 friends

1st day: 29/05 North of São Vicente, 3 marlins seen, 1 ca... [plus]

» 2017, MAY 28TH

NHA CRETCHEU customers ROB FOX and a friend.

1st day: 28/05 São Pedro no marlin caught, only one contact.

2nd day:... [plus]

» 2017, MAY 14TH (2)

Kevin & Robin with Stuart Simpson on Nha Cretcheu

Day 1: May 14, direction São Nicolau, nothing

2nd day: Bench... [plus]

» 2017, MAY 14TH


1st day: Sunday 14 May in São Pedro, 1 contact

2nd day: at North of São V... [plus]

» 2017, MAY 7TH (2)

Stuart Simpson with Nha Cretcheu and Mr Taylor + his son

1st day: 07/05/2017, direction San Pedro, 1 contact, 1 marlin caught

... [plus]

» 2017, MAY 7TH

Steve Webb with Dimeu for PENN CHALLENGE

1st day: 07/05/2017, in São Pedro, 3 contacts of marlin, no marlin caught


» 2017, MAY 3RD

Kobie Delport Team (South African) with Dimeu

1st day: direction São Nicolau, nothing

Day 2: on the bench of Tarra... [plus]

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